Sydney, Day 1, what I experienced and felt.

Hello, I’m Taika.

Wait…! I’m Taiga!

Anyway, wherever I go, the first thing I do is seeing local bookstores.

Yeah, it sounds weird, but I like it. Once I see a bookstore, I like thinking about what kind of books are lined up here or there. Honestly I just like the book covers’ design though. haha

After that, I walked to the Harbour bridge.


I’ve got a picture with a huge ship!

As you can see behind the ship, there’s the Sydney Opera house! I waked there along the wharf.

At lunch time, I entered into a fancy restaurant. I thought fancy people gather in a fancy place. (I mean not me, others:) It’s like “Birds of a feather flock together”.

I had Avocado blah-blah-blah… Why did I take only the half of the picture of the food? It’s because after I already had half of it, I realized I wanted to take the picture of it. lol

I also visited some other beautiful places.

The Royal Botanic Garden

QVD (The historical shopping mall)

I liked the line of this advertisement.

I guess if I translate it into Japanese, it would be “空気を読む(め)”. It’s quite interesting.

So far so good.

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